SAAB 340 image SAAB 340 image

Who we are:

Alandia Air is a company incorporated in the Eriksson Capital group and has its headquarter in Mariehamn on the beautiful Finnish Island, Åland.

We are specialized in operating leases primarily for SAAB 340’s for the time being. As of today we have a portfolio of 12ea SAAB 340A&B’s.

Our idea is to grow within the regional aircraft segment by further investments when we feel that the conditions are right.

Why SAAB 340’s

There have been as many as 459ea SAAB 340’s built between 1983 and 1999 with the first production aircraft still operative. This gives that the type will be operative for many years to come. Together with the excellent reliability of the type and SAABs strong support network it was the natural choice for us says Jörgen Gustafsson CEO of Alandia Air.

SAAB 340 has moved from a commuter aircraft for the big airlines to become an excellent aircraft for startup companies and for bigger regional airlines to start and build new routes because of the types low operating costs.